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” We’re ageless and timeless. Loud, silent, bright or soft. We’re  muse energies. We’re all unique. We began as emotive content – cartoons almost- but the artist soon discovered that we are powerful.  So, we became  her painting subjects. There are many of us. Expression is power. Expression enlarges us. We left  the ethers.  Captive Head explains. “Words felt limiting to us, so our faces appeared.  We’re a quicker than thought. Color, line and shape are powerful.”  Without hesitation, Captive Head began his story.

“Life follows art.” 




Like throwing a rock through an old, dirty window, I crashed into the stuffy yellow sun in the picture she was painting and I changed the energy,” Wild Girl spoke. Turning the paper without thinking, the artist impulsively circled the sun with a thin black line and dabbed a big black dot into the center. The sun became a eye in a face. She sketched hair onto the blue background and laughed aloud. Wild Girl smirked as the blue clouds around her were painted.  Her bright red face glowed.“That’s me, I’m going in,” she yelled to the others in the ethers. Her face is almost ugly but full of vitality. “Naming things is a habit. I hate names,” The huge yellow eye scorched away sentimentality. .Wild Girl broke through making “nice” art. Wild Girl set the new way of art for this struggling painter still copying masters. Her audacity stunned everyone- people laughed out loud or were speechless——I can’t change a thing without ruining her.”

     “I’m split,” said Split Girl. 

      “It’s confusing to be split.”

      The others all agreed. There was nothing they could add.          Split Girl stays on the edges. She’s quiet and mild. She can’t  f  loat because her split makes her energy to dense. She’s  waiting. 

“My turn,” the Rebel Punk growled. “Nobody wants me to speak up. Afraid I’ll blow the lid off.  For sure, I will. The compression is intense for us. Life is big and wild. Look at that Wild Girl! Ever see a kid like that? Captive Head, Wild Girl and me have the break out power.  Without us nothing gets done. We disrupt and add choices, better ones than what kind of latte for breakfast. I’m not afraid of anything,” Rebel Punk glowers as he finishes his short tirade.

Punk hates waiting. “I hate rules. Rules don’t stretch for life to happen. I’m all about doing what I want —- all the time. I’m not buying into guilt. Sure, I’ll share some joy, happiness or whatever, if I want. You can share your stuff with me too, if I’m up for it.

We all find our own place. I do things my way. “

Loyal Man is one of the biggest in the group. Loyal Man is a staunch friend of the artist. His eyes are magically different, without being creepy. His best friend is Gentle Brute. The others like his quiet confidence and ability to see far ahead.