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This section shows the diversity of my work. It’s not cookie cutter art. I’ve been influenced by many of the greats: Turner, Klee, Matisse, Tamayo, O’Keeffe, van Gogh,  Japanese print masters, African sculpture and textiles and ancient art such as the Cycladic art. This deep study keeps one from copying one’s friends!

I was a museum buff for years, but then I switched to flea markets where I found the amazing anonymous works of unknown genius. These are even more intersting since they lack the curator cut. 

I started the American Pictures series in Sebastopol, CA. Reagan was president and I knew nothing of politics. I realized that something was coming. My art is usually far past what I know about. Since I work intuitively, it’s vital not to edit much. That means many aren’t fashionable at the time. They are not made for the market, they are made for the soul. 

This painting above is Conflict Study. It painted in 2004-8. In 2021, it tells me I painted the Hegelian Dialectic. You know, that Problem, Reaction, Solution formula for controlling people. It’s one of my personal favorites. 

People Moving series arose from using bold strokes to generate forward energy while my gallery home was in foreclosure. Caught in the 9-11 crash, I survived it financially with my small gallery. The 2008-09 crash finished off my resources. I refused to short sale and was caught in 6 years of bank struggle to keep the house. Even with a good job, Wells Fargo refused me a loan in a mediation session. Finally, I got a HAMP loan and sold the gallery house. This taught me how little the banks care about We The People. I began to wake up.