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“No surprise really. The artist not only comes from a journalism background, she’s a visual artist in the bargain. Telling stories is natural to her, whatever the medium. The film Captive Head Breaks Out is based on a symbolic being called Captive Head…given that one character from her personal mythology has taken to the silver screen, one wonders if others will. H Margret, like a modern Homer, perhaps has been creating a new epic without realizing it.”    Craig Smith, Santa Fe New Mexican Pasatiempo

" In her self portraits, H Margret is not concerned with capturing the likeness of her mouth, eyes, coloring and certainly not her hair....instead of the world of appearances, she refers to the invisible world- a quicksilver place of color, texture and mutable shape. H Margret's art renders the invisible visible......Margret's paintings skew the reasonable and probable for a wacky, whimsical, head on, inside out view of life." Kathleen McCloud, Santa Fe New Mexican, Pasatiempo

"A number of factors set H Margret's work apart from that of other artists. Her imagery reveals highly developed content without realism. As one collector put it, "it's painting that truly satisfies the senses." Each work shows surprising and sophisticated color combinations, richly textured surfaces and line ranging from bold to delicate. Emotional resonance is balanced with edge dispelling any sentimentality. In fact, the strong gestural quality recalls Paul Klee or Franz Kline. Heads become abstract patterns silver and black, with traces of green or red. Faces and figures float in clouded space contained by jagged lines. Lyrical yet with an underlying tautness, each image portrays an essential reality, like a person." Sara Ford, Focus Magazine, Santa Fe

 Not an “establishment artist,” H Margret applied to 12 MFA programs in 1991 and was rejected by all 12. These colleges: Mills College, University of Utah, University of WA, Cranbrook, Rhode Island School of Design, University of CA are some…..There is no  grant money in her career. Her Guggenheim grant application was rejected in 2003. She never applied again for grant $.

Projects include the a 2.5 minute independent art film, self-financed. Captive Head Breaks Out screened at a Santa Fe film festival in 1999 at the CCA, Center for Contemporary Arts. This video is on the homepage.

The art fables book, Painting Themselves is illustrated by the art, puts the faces into an emotive context. The latest series “People Moving” expresses the dynamics of our changing world today where people are, indeed, moving.

Margret also published the first art gallery quarterly in Oregon called Gallery Review. It published 1983 & 1984, 6 issues. It was funded by subscribers & advertising.