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"Captive Head Breaks Out" Art Video
Original artist made video short.....

Who is Captive Head? He is all of us who live in the matrix without realizing it. We are captive to invisible programs and hidden controls. Now, in 2023, we see much more of what has been running our lives. The matrix is being broken bit by bit everywhere.  

Captive Head- image at right- is a casein original painting on gessoed paper with conte crayon. This image inspired the video short created in 1999, before any of the current animation and other creative computer tools were invented. Bomb frames are original atomic bomb footage, deleted in some versions..


“No surprise really. The artist not only comes from a journalism background, she’s a visual artist in the bargain. Telling stories is natural to her, whatever the medium. The film Captive Head Breaks Out is based on a symbolic being called Captive Head…given that one character from her personal mythology has taken to the silver screen, one wonders if others will. H Margret, like a modern Homer, perhaps has been creating a new epic without realizing it.”    Craig Smith, Santa Fe New Mexican Pasatiempo